A modular snowmobile looking in the rear mirror for inspiration

If you look at one of the first snowmobiles, the Bombardier, the purpose with that snow vehicle was utility work. The vehicle provided transportation over snow covered ground for people and was used as buss, medical transport, farm work and so forth. With this project we wanted to capture the values of the first snowmobiles and create a modern snow utility vehicle, based on a modular system.

The project was carried out together with Anna Nyan and Alex Fink and was a collaboration with the Austrian company Benelli. All the visualizations and sketches shown are done by me.

The utility snowmobile could be used to explore more extreme environments, e.g. within the tourism sector.

Another area of use could be postal delivery in areas where regular means of transportation is not sufficient enough.

If the container is taken off, the back of the vehicle could function as an open transport for larger things as logs, stones or other irregular shaped objects.

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