Digital art painted in Photoshop with Wacom tablet.

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Keeping food fresh

School project done together with Erik Ebberstein at Lund University. The aim with this project was to design a buffet table for warm and cold food, based on all the different routines and techniques which restaurants use today to minimize food waste, and

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A snow utility vehicle

Group project carried out together with Anna Nyan and Alex Fink at FH Joanneum.  If you look at one of the first snowmobiles, the Bombardier, the purpose with that snow vehicle was utility work. The vehicle provided transportation over snow covered ground for

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Portable picnic grill

Group project carried out together with Axel Bluhme, Erik Ebberstein, Dick Hammer and Milton Runerheim at Lund University. To have a barbeque at sea or by the sea in the sunset could be one of the most wonderful and relaxing things

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Puncture repair station

Individual school project done at Lund University. This project is about encouraging people to use their bikes and to show how easy it really is to repair a bike tire. The solution is a public repair station with a “step by step” video

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Audi Straw

Individual school project done at Lund University. Audi straw is a hand held vacuum cleaner designed to go in line with the segment of accessories in Audi collection. The project was a school project and there was no collaboration between

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Sketches and renderings (spaceships)

Some photoshop sketches and renderings of spaceships done during 2013-2014.

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Frozen lake

Digital painting done in photoshop 2013.

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Started out with this… Ended up with this!

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Bike 9



Knife block (environ)

Individual school project done at Lund University 2012. Environ is a wooden knife block made out of ash and assembled without any screws. It´s designed to display the knives on the wall in a secure and graphical elegant way.      



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Old pipeline… transformed into this!

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