Go out in the woods, find a birch tree and enjoy some healthy sap

Savtapp is a kit designed to facilitate the process of small scale extraction of birch sap. The kit equips the user with the tools and knowledge needed to extract sap from a birch tree without hurting it.

When the winter is over and the snow is gone you can start tapping birch sap. The sap period lasts around 4-5 weeks. During this period you could easily collect sap to use as preparatory health cure, that would last during the year if frozen.

The idea of bending the metal pipe like a Y is not only to create a hook and a drip nose, but also to enable a good grip for inserting the tap in the tree and removing it. The production method of laser cutting and then splitting the pipe, provides low material waste and effective manufacturing to gain functionality. Part of the surface is polished to indicate the maximum length the tap should be inserted in the tree.

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